Frequently Asked Questions at Balustrades Johannesburg

What is Balustrades?

Balustrades are the hand rest that is on the side of stairs or balconies, they are various balustrades that can be applied such as wire balustrades and glass balustrades.

How long is the guarantee or warranty of the product and service?

Our products can last five to ten years from day of installation, they are manufactured to stay in good condition for a long, easy to clean and maintain.

How many people did you service this system to?

We have serviced over 2788 residential homes and up to 1782 commercial businesses across the whole country.

Why should I choose Balustrades Johannesburg?

We have professional, well trained technicians with years of experience and tremendous skills who love what they are doing. We are highly confident that our service uphold the highest standards and that no one beats our products and services.

Why Balustrades?

Well balustrades are necessary to for hand rest on stairs and balconies, serving as a preventive barrier, they can be in different ways such as glass, wired or wooden.

What are other Balustrades services?

Other services of Balustrades include:

  • Glass splash backs
  • Frameless glass table tops
  • Frameless glass shelves
  • Walk on glass
  • D├ęcor mirror
  • Glass podium

Are they easy to install?

They are very much easy to manufacture, design and install. They are also easy to clean, maintain and replace. We work neatly and do not pollute sound.

What will it cost to install Balustrades from you guys?

Buying and installing balustrades will cost you less than you most people think, because of their beauty it seems expensive but actually is the opposite.